GAZETA.RU – The State Duma adopts a law on the regulation of instant messengers

Sourced and translated from
‘Госдума приняла закон о регулировании мессенджеров’



The State Duma, in their third and final reading, adopted a law on the regulation of messengers. The meeting was broadcasted on the website of the lower house of parliament.

This law gives the administrators of instant messaging services, which are legal entities or citizens of Russia, the right to independently identify their users. In the event that an instant messaging service does not fulfil the relevant requirements, its access to electronic messaging services may be suspended.

“Along with the responsibilities for identification, the messengers are obligated to ensure the technical ability of users to refuse to receive electronic messages from other users, to ensure the possibility of sending electronic messages at the initiative of public authorities, as well as limiting the distribution and transmission of messages containing information distributed in violation of the legislative requirements of the Russian Federation” the text of the document reads.

Out of 378 voting delegates, 373 voted “for”, three voted “against”, and two abstained.


Featured imageSsrRussian State Duma entrance hallCC BY-SA 3.0

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