VESTI.RU – Russia and Tajikistan conclude negotiations on ending the “air war”

Sourced and translated from
‘Россия и Таджикистан остановили переговоры о прекращении “воздушной войны”’



On April 22nd, Moscow and Dushanbe suspended negotiations on the resumption of air communication between Russia and Tajikistan. Valery Okulov, Deputy Transport Minister of Russia, informed the Tajik side about the 10-day pause in the talks.

At this time, this pause was taken right as the talks were reaching success, Okulov believes. The conflict between Dushanbe and Moscow originally arose due to the new Zhukovsky airport, recalls TASS news agency.

On April 6th, Dushanbe closed their airspace to flights from Russian airlines “Ural Airlines” and “UTair”. Earlier, flights to Tajikistan on Yamal airlines were cancelled. In response, Moscow cancelled the flights of the Tajik national air carrier Somon Air.


Dushanbe believes that “Zhukovsky” refers to airports in Moscow. As such, international flights from there fall under the limitations of an intergovernmental agreement, which establishes parity in the number of carriers from each state. Earlier, a Russian flight with “Ural Airlines” had been allowed to fly from Zhukovsky to Dushanbe and Khujand. However, on this route, the presence of two more Russian airlines was considered by Tajik air control to be violating parity.

Moscow considers “Zhukovsky” to be the airport of another constituent entity of the Federation, located in the Moscow region. In response to the earlier incident, the Russian Ministry of Transport suspended the flights of Tajik “Somon Air” to all Russian regions except Moscow and St. Petersburg. Later, the conflict was resolved: Dushanbe has permitted Yamal Airlines flights since March, when the summer season of IATA 2017 began.


Featured image: “P4-SOM” flickr photo by airlines470 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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