RIA.RU – Before it’s too late? Workers in Ukraine demand a return to cooperation with Russia

Sourced and translated from https://ria.ru/accents/20170718/1498719588.html?utm_source=infox.sg
‘Пока не поздно? Рабочие на Украине требуют вернуть сотрудничество с Россией’

– Anna Razvalyaeva


Ukrainian enterprises are still trying to get through to their authorities. The matter is still about restoring their economic and industrial ties with Russia. The losses from this issue are too big to ignore. But Kiev, it seems, does not care.

“Give us work! Bring back trade with Russia!” With such slogans, workers from the Kharkiv plant of reinforced concrete structures ‘ZZhBK-15’ came out to the rally a few days ago. They even appealed to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and President Poroshenko to immediately restore trade and economic ties with Russia, in order to save the region’s industry and provide its people with work. These appeals are absolutely fair and reasonable. Indeed, not so long ago, Kharkiv and Russia were cooperating in a fruitful and mutually beneficial manner. The “FED”, “Kommunar”, and “Khartron” factories, as well as other enterprises, were previously fulfilling orders for the Russian defence industry. Both the Kharkiv Tractor Plant and the aircraft factory in Kharkiv had their own joint programs, and trade turnover was growing steadily.

Now this is all in the past, and perhaps it is beyond repair. At least, the authorities are not reacting to appeals for help. After all, in the winter the workers of the city-forming enterprises of Melitopol are to return cooperation with Russia – from both the “Avtogidroagregat” and “MZPS” plants, and more than a dozen large enterprises from seven regions of Ukraine.

But apparently, providing people with work is not part of Kiev’s plans. And why would we need additional jobs? The population of the country is rapidly declining. According to forecasts by UN experts, by the year 2100 it may fall by 16 million people. And according to estimates from the Institute of Demography and Social Research at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), in 30 years, there may already be 12 million fewer people than today. The main reason for this critical demographic situation is the uncertainty of Ukrainians as to the future. Ukraine has lost the future, said former Minister of Economy, Viktor Suslov.

Having severed industrial and scientific ties with Russia, Ukraine lost access to markets for high-tech products and was unable to find new ones, losing huge revenues from exports, hundreds of thousands of jobs, and thousands of distinguished, highly qualified specialists. “Where it was critically important to Russia, they continued spending billions of dollars by implementing a policy of substitution. Ukraine has lost the billions of dollars Russia was previously spending. We have lost the prospect for many unique enterprises and technologies,” Viktor Suslov said. Europe does not need their products because it does not comply with European technical regulations and standards – something not included in their system of productive cooperation. Relations with Russia have been lost, and cannot be restored, affirms Suslov. These workers attending the rallies, however, do not agree with him. They still believe that it is not too late.


Author: Anna Razvalyaeva, radio Sputnik

Featured image: ПБГ Ковальська, Svitlana Kovalska Reinforced-Concrete Constructions PlantCC BY-SA 4.0

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