RIA.RU – Iraqi court sentences Russian citizen sentenced to death on terrorism charges

Sourced and translated from https://ria.ru/world/20170912/1503873807.html
‘В Ираке россиянина приговорили к смертной казни за терроризм’


CAIRO: RIA News reports – The Central Criminal Court of Iraq in Baghdad sentenced a Russian citizen to death by hanging – charged with belonging to the organization “Islamic State”, according to a court statement sent to RIA News.

“The Central Criminal Court has examined the case of the Russian citizen, who belonged to the organization called “al-Zarqawi” – which is one of the cells of the Islamic State” – declared the official representative of the Supreme Judicial Council.

The representative of the Council explained that the Russian had been detained by security forces during the operation to liberate Mosul, after he had expended all his ammunition.

It is noted that the accused confessed to committing a series of terrorist attacks against security forces in 2015. The representative of the Supreme Judicial Council added that this verdict came from the Court of First Instance, and it can be appealed.

The Russian embassy told RIA Novosti, that they have not yet received information on the countryman’s death sentence.


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