REGNUM.RU – One in every ten Latvian students does not finish school

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‘Каждый десятый латвийский школьник не заканчивает школу’


The scope of at-risk students is much greater than previously thought

RIGA: REGNUM reports – In Latvia, one in every ten students does not finish school, Diena newspaper writes. The causes of this are conflicts with peers, learning difficulties, and tough financial situations at home, writes the newspaper

According to the source, statistics show that the scope of at-risk students is much larger than previously thought. Additionally, boys drop out of school twice as often as girls. Boys tend to drop out to enter the workforce, and girls tend to drop out due to pregnancy and health problems. Both these students and others do not have enough motivation to learn – they skip lessons, causing learning difficulties, and the result is a vicious cycle, according to the publication.

As IA REGNUM reported earlier, in 2016 the number of graduates of Latvian schools who did not pass centralized examinations doubled – reaching 234 students. The success of students is expressed in percentages – the ratio of correct answers in points to the maximum possible number of points. In 2016, the students who received a total grade of less than 5%, were 35 of those taking the Latvian language exam, but 199 of those taking mathematics, totalling 234 students. In 2015, only 106 students could not pass centralized examinations.


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