RIA.RU – The Crimean Bridge will be able to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake - The construction of the 19 km bridge over the Kerch Strait is keeping possible seismic activity in mind,
GAZETA.RU – The UN anticipates the threat of ISIS in Asia following their defeat in the Middle East - In light of recent defeats in the Middle East, ISIS is anticipated to move into other regions of the world.
REGNUM.RU – One in every ten Latvian students does not finish school - The drop-out rate of Latvian students reaches an even higher rate than previously thought.
VESTI.RU – The Pentagon caught lying about arms shipments to Syria - The US revealed to be shipping ex-Soviet weapons from Eastern Europe to Syrian terror cells
RIA.RU – Iraqi court sentences Russian citizen sentenced to death on terrorism charges - A Russian citizen has been sentenced to hanging in Iraq over his involvement in the Islamic State


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Whether you like him or not, Trump said nothing wrong about Charlottesville - The recent conflict in Charlottesville must be objectively understood as political violence - from both sides of the aisle
Is atheism a religion? - Can atheism be considered another religion, simply having differences in belief?